Ardiya Indotama believe we can improve lives through business.

Not only from the overall perspective of economic prosperity, but also from the very basic needs of human life - food.

We believe that food can serve more than just fulfilling the needs of our survival, but also plays a key role in achieving a good quality life for us and for all other people in this world.

This is the conviction that shape our character in running a business, where we base our entire activity on two things: Quality & Sharing.

We are committed in serving only high-quality gourmet food products to our customers so we can help them to improve their life’s quality, whilst we are also very aware that being part of the community we are called to embrace the sole purpose of our existence in this world: to share with others and make life better.

It always has been and will be the business purpose of Ardiya Indotama to not only improve our customers' lives, but also improve the life of others in need. We have built a strong partnership with foundations that care for orphaned children, elderly, disabled community, and many more where we help them to provide food, and together aiming to provide a sustainable food supply for them through this business.

By having and sharing this whole purpose of business, we invite you to be part of our mission to make this life better.